We all need to make choices when we go shopping, compare brands, ingredients, prices, quality, impact on the environment, packaging, will my daughter - son - husband - wife use it?
We all ask ourselves at least some of these questions, but there is one factor that only a few people consider: good intentions!
One thing is sure about "loop": it is a product with good intentions behind its design, it is probably not perfect, but if consumers decide to commit to "loop" it surely does good to the environment.
logo evolution
Loop is a refillable shampoo bottle, this means that after purchasing the first bottle, it can be re-used and re-filled over and over; the refilling container will be placed in your nearest wholefood shop or supermarket, and when you decide to be part of those who care about intentions, you'll only pay half price for your daily shampoo!
All the refill stations are made of plastic, so when they are empty they will be either re-filled with more shampoo or recycled in oder to produce more shampoo bottles. The aim is to build a cycle where the plastic remain within us, we only need your help!
Brief.............Circular Futures (RSA competition brief n°4)
Project.........Branding / Product ideation / Portfolio layout
Method........Cinema 4D / Illustrator / Indesign