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Business cards

BUSINESS CARDS My own logo development: I decided that I didn’t want a logo for myself, although I like some of them, I know that I will get tired of it really quickly, that is why I decided to use visuals for my business cards […]

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Magazine mock up

MAGAZINE MOCK UP I did a mock up in illustrator so I have got a way to present the magazine digitally without using a mock up made by someone else. I saw this image on the website of a belgian design company and I really liked its […]

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Magazines distortion

MAGAZINE DISTORTION For my magazine, I wanted to do a cover that was different from the rest of it, like an image that stood on its own. I spoke with Ben and after showing him the image underneath, he thought I obtained that effect moving […]

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Scans from fashion magazines

FASHION MAGAZINE SCANS What I had planned for my final project initially was to make an article for my magazine which talks about trends. The initial idea was to make fun of current trends, like the trend of painting your eyebrows or wearing cactuses prints […]

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Illustrations development

Illustrations development Last week I went to Magma to find some inspiration for my magazine, it’s a book shop in covent garden, there is a floor downstairs where they sell lots of design and fashion magazines, and also zines and different kind of things than what you can find in […]

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Colorite site development

Colorite site development Last week I had a meeting with Andre, and we spoke about the website a bit, he was not completely happy with the icons I did and I agree that they were looking a bit unprofessional for the kind of business that […]

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D&AD Brief – Fur for animals

FUR FOR ANIMALS During self guided study week some of us stopped doing our modules projects to start a one-week-project, taking on one of the D&AD briefs. I chose “Fur for Animals”, the brief consists in creating a low budget shareable on social media campaign. […]

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pic 6


PHOTOSHOOT For my magazine, I wanted to have a photoshoot, which instead of advertising clothes or the new fashion trends would feature and explain eating disorders. I believe social media has a huge impact on eating disorder because of he freedom of exposure o the […]

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